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hi there, friends! it’s been a few weeks since my last blog and i do have lots to share…however, instead of writing substantive blogs, i’ve been rattling off random tidbits in 140-character-form, using the latest ridiculous craze…ah yes, twitter. rather than share videos of my work or photos of great events, i’ve been talking about the size of cherimoyas at the farmers market, attempting to “cleverly” use words that sound like tweet or twitter (e.g. ‘tweetie pie’…i know, gag!) and TMI-ing about what i’m consuming at the moment. today it was a green tea ice blended, i believe.

if you find this vaguely interesting and would like to follow along, add me on twitter!


i promise, as soon as i learn how to, i will share more interesting things like hot pics of cool parties and my latest videos. but until then, you’ll have to settle for my daily activities and eating habits!

in the last few weeks, i’ve been to florida and back for an audition, then had a string of auditions here in la, as well as a great meeting at ktla/cw earlier this week, followed by a non-stop weekend of fun. on saturday alone, i had 4 parties…started with a hawaiian-themed bon voyage party at my mom’s house in oc, where we hula-ed and i learned to make pineapple fried rice, delish! then booked it to culver city for an afternoon of rock bands, artists, and fashion shows at an art event called s.o.u.p. kitchen. after that, drove across town to echo park for the live screening of my friend, james kyson lee’s new film ’star runners’- great movie, awesome venue, and the alien sugar cookies were a nice touch! finally, headed to an after-party in the hollywood hills for some miami-fusion beats, while laughing the night away with the happy hapa crew. sunday, i slept.

this week is already off to a good start…was super busy today and tonight, decided that i would try wushu. yes, as in the martial art. there were 12-year-olds who, not only ran circles around me literally (our warm-up was a version of tag) but could have kicked my butt big-time. i was ready to jump around and punch stuff, but the class was very technical and challenging, focusing on the basics and proper form. i thought that having taken dance classes would give me an edge, but i was completely wrong! the poses and movements were so new and unnatural that i felt like a 90-year-old trying to climb the great wall…not happening!! and i could not get that darned horse stance for the life of me grrrr!! in the end, i had a great time and realize that i have a loooong way to go.

as i mentioned in my tweet…i’m sore and exhausted, in much need of potassium and sleep. g’night all!

i’m still tingling with excitement from last night’s mtv movie awards…what an incredible night!! i was lucky enough to be on the red carpet, covering the show for radaronline.com, and now you can watch all the fun and shenanigans from my red carpet interviews. check out my videos:

the buzz on everyone’s lips…who will win best kiss??
[VIDEO] MTV Movie Awards 2009, Red Carpet Arrivals

the scoop on twilight & new moon, straight from the vampires’ mouths…
[VIDEO] MTV Movie Awards 2009, Twilight Cast


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