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iPhantastic AMA’s & NYC

hello all! i’ve been fiddling around with the wordpress app on my new iPhone…i’m loving it, especially word games & trivia, my super camera and the painful wait at the dmv that was made tolerable by the presence of fun new toy…but i miss the keyboard and trackball of my crackberry! i feel so clumsy and uncoordinated typing, but hopefully i’ll get the hang on my big-kid’s gameboy soon enough :)

anyway, i’ve had a mad busy week (not ‘mad’ as in angry…more like ‘super duper’ busy), actually my week was awesome! i just got back from the american music awards at the nokia theatre, where i was covering red carpet arrivals for radaronline.com. there was an impressive line-up of performers including janet jackson, whitney houston, green day, adam labert and oh-so many more. the red carpet consumed the entire courtyard area in front of the theatre and there were hundreds of media outlets present, not to mention the most beautiful and talented artists in the music biz.


dress by: dalia

and before the ama’s, i spent the beginning of this week in nyc. i received a call last week about a potential gig and was flown out to the big apple for an audition & meeting. i was sooo excited to be back in the city! the last time i was in nyc was months ago to shoot the axe hair crisis relief telethon for mtv. this week, the weather in nyc was absolutely sweater-perfect and i stayed at the greatest hotel– the ace hotel– which happened to be blocks away from my old apartment! the audition went well and i had a chance to meet and work with some really talented & fun people.

now that i’m back in town and done shooting for a little while, i can do laundry!! clean the house!! and get ready to host my first thanksgiving!! the ‘rents, fabulous chinese aunties, cousins & even my 15-yo dog will all be in attendance! we’ll be devouring an asian-fusion feast including a chinese turkey (yes, and it’s delicious. stuffed with sticky rice instead of stuffing). i literally have days to prep, clean and cook…better get going!

wishing you and your loved ones a happy thanksgiving :)

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