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Certified Cowgirl…yeehaaw!

Forgot my hat!

yes, it’s TRUE…not only am i a certified cowgirl, thanks to passing an intense training course at ‘cowboy u’ in scottsdale, arizona…BUT i’ve also safely landed a hot air balloon in the middle of a suburban neighborhood…and that was all in one day! if you tuned in to the premiere of ‘destination tennis: scottsdale’, you’ve already witnessed my adventures first-hand and i hope you enjoyed the show.

Unscheduled Landing-- Hot Air Balloon Ride in Scottsdale, AZ

if you missed this ep, be sure to check the tennis channel schedule for repeats…it’s worth tivo-ing, i promise. if not for the beautiful sweeping desert landscapes and world-class tennis resorts, then certainly for a good laugh as i learn to ride a horse or get crushed at tennis by a 10-year old kid (he was GOOD, what can i say).

this has been our 2nd official episode to air on tennis channel and we’re getting geared up to shoot our next show in vancouver, canada! i grew up playing tennis & traveling…and i love nothing more than meeting people, great food, and sharing new experiences. so i invite you to come along for the thrills, laughs, and good times on ‘destination tennis’. thanks for watching :)

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