Mayleen’s wrapping up her final episode of Bull News for the year, a bi-monthly news show covering Red Bull’s latest products and most spectacular events. Mayleen had the opportunity to not only attend, but also cover many of these as a host/correspondent, including Red Bull’s Signature Series on NBC, Red Bull Soap Box, the Crashed Ice World Championships in the US, Sweden and Canada, as well King of the Rock, a one-on-one basketball tournament on Alcatraz. Red Bull has a reputation of creating the most outrageous and awe-inspiring events on the planet, and this year’s line up exceeded all expectations. She looks forward to bringing your more ooooh’s and aaaah’s from the World of Red Bull in 2013!

December Bull News

Mayleen’s Photos: Bull News

Great news! Beer Money, the sports trivia game show on SNY that Mayleen Ramey co-hosts with Don Jamieson, is getting picked up for another season! Mayleen is back in NYC to shoot half of the 12 episodes that will begin airing in 2013. After an entertaining first season with hilarious moments and stunning loses (chokes!), she’s looking forward to putting New York sports fans to the test, yet again. Follow Mayleen on Twitter for updates on where and when they’ll be shooting for your chance to be on the show!

Beer Money, Season 2

Mayleen’s Photos: Beer Money

With so many beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, it’s difficult to choose the best island to visit and further, the perfect resort to spend your limited and valuable vacation days. But if your priorities are relaxation, indulgence, privacy, and tennis, you’ll be delighted to discover the Four Seasons Resort Nevis. A welcome ferry brings you across crystal blue waters to the resort’s magnificent property, where you’ll find beachfront suites, fine dining and a Peter Burwash International tennis program. The Four Seasons has rolled out the red carpet and Mayleen will be bringing you all the highlights, from the kitchen to the court!


Mayleen’s Photos: DT West Indies